Collection: The Norwegian Children’s Museum

Toys and children’s equipment

The collection contains about 6,000 items. It includes toys, objects used by or in connection with children, and objects representing childhood and general children’s culture in Norway from the past to the present.

The museum preserves objects produced for children, but also things children have played with and collected themselves throughout history. You can see some of the objects here.

The Norwegian Children’s Museum is a cultural history museum that documents and does research on childhood, children’s upbringing and culture. All this it shares with the public through exhibitions and related activities. The museum first opened in 2001, through the initiative of Per Inge Torkelsen who donated his toy collection. Some of the toys are featured in the exhibitions Toys Tell and Once upon a time there was a clog. You can see toys from Norway’s largest toy factory, Lærdal in Stavanger, here.