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Winter Vacation

Owl Trail

01. Mar 2021 KL. 11:00 - 15:00

Do you have sharp owl eyes?

Owls are birds of prey. They eat small birds, rodents, reptiles and all kinds of insects. Some owls have a favourite thing they like to eat. The snowy owl likes lemmings, the Eurasian pygmy owl prefers small birds, and the Eurasian eagle owl, the largest owl, can sometimes overpower and swallow large birds! Common to all owls is that they regurgitate what they cannot digest, for instance bones and fur. This means it’s possible to find traces on the ground called ‘owl pellets’. Throughout Stavanger Museum we’ve hidden various animals that Norwegian owls eat. Find all the animals, mark their hiding place on the museum map and participate in a drawing for cool owl prizes. Suitable for all ages.

We follow the guidelines for events set forth by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we need to know who is attending all the events we organise. To ensure rapid tracing of infection, all ticketholders must register on arrival to the event. We encourage you to meet up 15 minutes before the event starts.

Free entrance
During winter vacation 2021, Sølvberget library and cultural centre, Stavanger Museum, Stavanger Art Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum present a rich programme for every age group, with special focus on activities, experiences and learning.

If children have a library card, they and their families get free entrance to Stavanger Museum, Stavanger Art Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum. At the library, it’s possible to borrow books that provide knowledge and can tell you more about what you’ve experienced. If children do not have a library card, ordinary museum ticket prices apply. For an overview of what’s happening this winter vacation, see sø and