Science Days

Didemnum vexillum

24. Sep 2022 KL. 11:00 - 15:00

Didemnum vexillum (often called sea vomit) is a species of a feared invasive colonial tunicate witch was discovered in Stavanger harbour in October 2020.

The colonial tunicate (Didemnum vexillum) is a high-impact, globally-invasive, colonial tunicate species that is native to Japan. It is generally a temperate cold-water organism, and its introduced range currently includes New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and both the west and east coasts of the United States and Canada.

Didemnum vexillum is a successful fouling organism because of its ability to grow on many natural and artificial and can thrivein both coastal and offshore environments in depths ranging from 1 to 80 meters depth.

When this tunica was discovered in Stavanger harbor, there was established a project to record where it was and to follow the development in this area.