​Doctor Proctor’s

Sensational Collection of Animals You Wish Did Not Exist

08. May 2021 - 06. Mar 2022

The Norwegian author Jo Nesbø’s children’s books about the eccentric Doctor Proctor have been a great success in Norway and internationally. In the autumn of 2010, the third book in the series was published, and along with it, the idea of an exhibition was born. The exhibition Doctor Proctor’s Collection of A.Y.W.D.N.E. (Animals You Wish Did Not Exist) first opened at the National History Museum in Oslo, and since then, has travelled to museums and cultural institutions in Norway and abroad.

In the exhibition, you can meet 25 extraordinary fantasy animals from Jo Nesbø’s universe, among others, the meat-eating Mongolian water rat that can grow 160 cm long, the Namibian rhinoceros that eats sand, rocks and gravel, and the moon chameleon, which eats humans like we eat meatballs. Join us on a journey of adventure, imagination, horror and humour!

The exhibition will be on show through 6 March 2022.