Places, People and Stories

“The City Loft” is our new historical exhibition about Stavanger. Here we present sources that shed light on the city’s history: maps, photos and objects. We want to draw your attention to the cityscape, the people and the museum’s role as a keeper and teller of city stories.

A city is a home and a meeting place for many people. City history is about how a city has come to be the way it is today, and about what has characterised it during different periods. City history is also the story of the many people who have met and continue to meet each other in the city.

Stavanger Museum began collecting cultural historical objects in 1877. Today the collection contains more than 47,000 objects, 40 shelf-metres of documents and 14,000 photos. The exhibition displays a selection of objects that provide a glimpse into the museum’s history and the collection’s diversity.

Would you like to help to tell Stavanger’s history?

In the exhibition we also want to tell the story of the contemporay city.Today, more photographs are taken in two minutes than in the entire nineteenth century. The photographs we take tell about our own times.

We must preserve what are called “born-digital photos” so that this part of cultural heritage is not lost. To document life in Stavanger today, we want your pictures. We’re building a photographic collection to show the city’s diversity. How do people in Stavanger live today? What is Stavanger for you?