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Report recovery of ringed bird

Have you found a ringed bird?

Please fill in the schema as completely as possible. You will normally receive information on the bird you have reported within a few days’ time. If you happen to have the bird ring itself, don’t throw it away, at least until after you’ve heard from the Bird Ringing Centre (Ringmerkingssentralen) regarding whether the ring can be verified.

If you have problems filling out the schema, send the find details to us in an e-mail: birdringing(a) or call us at (+47) 407 28 395.

A find can also be reported via ordinary surface mail.

These fields are mandatory
Address on the ring, på ring, Ringnumber, Location, Date for finding, checkboxes, name, addresse, email, phone
This field is required
Zoom into the right area of the map, place the cursor on the finding place. The cursor can be clicked and moved, if it is misplaced. Click the cursor, hold the button and move”
Check the boxes for findings circumstances