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The Urban Populations Project (URBPOP)

URBPOP is a national project focusing on urban bird populations, mainly seagulls, Mute Swans, Eurasian Coots and Common Moorhens. It is conducted through collaboration between the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen, and its goal is to gather information about migration, survival, births and the resources attracting birds to cities. This information can be useful when trying to answer questions related to some of the challenges arising between humans and birds, especially when bird populations increase in urban centres. The project is organised to allow the public to help gather data. The birds are ringed with darvic colour rings containing a code of three to five letters/numbers, which can be read at a distance with binoculars. Members of the public who manage to read a code can report their findings on the webpage They can get an immediate answer about which bird was observed and where it was previously registered.