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Torsdag på museet

Norwegian large predator policy in Rogaland

06. Jun 2019 KL. 18:30 - 19:30

Cathrine Stabel Eltervåg from the County Governor discusses the management og Rogaland's carnivores in light of conflicting Norwegian policies. The talk will be held in norwegian.

Large predator policies in Norway concerns golden eagle, as well as the four large carnivores, wolf, wolverine, brown bear and lynx. This policy has two goals: to secure viable populations of predators, but also to facilitate for outfield grazing of domestic animals. National laws and policies creates guidelines for how these goals shall be achieved. At the same time, Norway has obligations through international environmental agreements and conventions. Norway is divided into 8 large predator regions. Rogaland is part of region 1, where grazing animals have priority.