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Museum Night

Feel the magic - free entrance!

26. Oct 2018 KL. 19:00 - 23:00

Finally October. Finally autumn darkness. Finally Museum Night. Stavanger Museum and the Museum of Archaeology invite you to go behind the facades and staged settings - to have experiences and impressions in all the nooks and crannies of the museums. Use all your senses to explore our museums; Touch, feel, see, hear, taste.

For what actually happens at a museum after darkness falls in the garden, in the basement, and in the attic? There are many exciting and fun activities at both museums this evening. The lectures are in Norwegian, but all other activities are suited to all language groups.

Under the microscope
Discover what things look like when magnified using a stereo-microscope!

Dissection of animals
Help us as we dissect animals and birds.

Dress up
Dress up and explore our fairytale castle! 

New activity trail!
We have made a new activity trail that takes you through the entire museum just for Museum Night!

Learn how to play mablis (marbles)
Always wondered how to play mablis? Come outside and learn! Maybe you’ll win some iddisar (sardine can labels)?

We will be throwing iddisar (sardine can labels) so you can start your own collection!

Model trains
Join Piers to have a look at some of the wind-up model trains he grew up with.

Book printing!
The Friends of the Norwegian Printing museum has brought with them printing presses and lead type for you to try.

Maritime macramé workshop

Make a bracelet and learn some handy seaman’s knots! 

Drawing with light
Make light drawings in the autumn darkness and photograph the results. 

Learn how to save lives!
Test yourself on cardiopulmonary (heart/lung) resuscitation. 

Things take time
The Bunad Network of Rogaland will demonstrate different types of crafts, and maybe you will get to try as well?

What is going on?
There is something strange happening at the museum tonight.